Sona Pillow– Snoring pillow Review

Now you can sleep completely relaxed $ thanks to the new Sona Pillow, specially developed to reduce snoring and relieve mild sleep apnea. You will sleep relaxed the complete the night, and your companion. No more getting up exhausted! Start resting so much better thanks to the orthopedic Sona Pillow.

Sona Pillow ReviewWhen you use this pillow in the proper way, the Sona Pillow lets your jaw be smoothly pulled forward by gravity, and makes your jaw stop from falling backwards. This posture helps to maintain your airways clear. Mild sleep apnea and Snoring are more possible to appear when you lie on your back. That is the reason why Sona Pillow holds you on your side and diminishe the risk of suffering these issues.

Review about snoring sona pillowThe Sona Pillow requires a adjusting period which the pillow adjusts to the contours of your head. The pillow should be adjusted often by pressing on the side of the pillow which is solid. If you use your Sona Pillow frequently, it is best to replace it on an annual basis.



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Sona Pillow Review