The effects of snoring in your relationship

Snoring is among the tough challenges for a couple’s intimate life.

It is estimated by sleep snoring statistics that 80% of couples end up sleeping in different bedrooms because of the annoying snores of one of the partners.

It is obvious, we need silence to remain asleep; how is it possible to maintain our sleep with a loud noise buzzing at our ears?

The average snore has 60 decibels, the same as a normal speech, but there are snorers that reach the incredible levels of 80 and even 90 decibels, like a loud yell that can wake up the biggest snoozer.

With those levels of noise it is not strange that non-snoring partners develop stress, mixed with bad humor, frustration and desperation that lead to a series of constant arguments between the couple.

With the aim to find the definite snoring solution, both mates give up many things trying the different they find in the market, which make them loose peace, comfort, wellbeing, time, money, space in bed and… sexual pleasure too.

That’s right; another big downside of snoring is erectile dysfunction. According to studies, 50% of snoring men present this problem.

And we sum to this, the fatigue and tiredness as effects of sleep deprivation, most snoring sufferers are unaware of, they loose vitality and energy that affects their performance in any activity.

This entire situation can create a double depression in both partners, which deeply affects their love/marital relationship, that in some extreme cases can take to divorce.

Some of the problems snoring couples may have to face:

As you can see, that awful noise can be more troublesome than it seems when it gets to your partner’s nerves, especially if he/she has a fragile sleep or has to cope with sleep disorders himself/herself.

Also the snoring man/woman suffers and gets fed up with the ceaseless: “Gee, you snore badly”,” Shut up!”, “Get out”, “I’m moving to the couch”, and even worse complaints of his/her partner.

It is comprehensible they react this way, patience has a limit. It totally kills sexual motivation, passion, attraction, and good sleep of course. Who wants to sleep with someone who makes such a growling noise, anyway?

But, don’t worry! You can put stop on this and give back to you and your loved-one the delight of peaceful and better sleep and a better sexual life too.

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