Stomach Sleepers

Did you know that your sleep style can actually tell something about your personality? It may sound strange, but it’s actually true! A person’s sleep style offers insight into their personality. If you’re one of the stomach sleepers, then Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service says that you one of the more unique sleeping styles. While most people enjoy back or side sleep, only seven percent of the population is comprised of stomach sleepers.

According to Professor Idzikowski, stomach sleepers are very friendly, but they can also be very blunt and sometimes abrupt. He goes on to say that most stomach sleepers don’t like criticism. Does this sound like you?

Regardless of our sleeping preference, most of us have a preferred sleep position. Stomach sleepers lie on their front. Although past research has shown that this isn’t the healthiest way to sleep, many people just can’t seem to get comfortable any other way. It’s hard to change old patterns.

One of problems stomach sleepers have to face is pains associated with their sleep style. Many stomach sleepers report that they often wake up with a stiff, sore neck or an aching back. Others complain that the side of their ear is sore from being pressed down into the pillow.

Now, there are solutions to help stomach sleepers enjoy a restful night’s sleep without being achy in the morning. It’s often as simple as purchasing the right pillow. Yes, it sounds like a basic concept, but it’s true that there are different pillows for different sleep styles. We mustn’t forget that a pillow’s function is support the head and neck during sleep and to keep the spine properly aligned. For this reason, it makes sense that back sleepers need firmer pillows while a stomach sleeper needs a softer pillow.

Stomach sleepers should buy a nice, comfortable pillow filled with plenty of down or filling. Those suffering from allergies can select down alternative pillows. The soft cushion of the pillow can provide the extra support stomach sleepers need.

For some stomach sleepers, a fluffy pillow just isn’t enough. If you are still experiencing symptoms like frozen shoulder, stiff neck, or a sore back, it’s best to a stomach sleeper pillow. Equipped with elevated foam panels to properly cradle the neck and head, these pillows can make sure your body is properly aligned during sleep. You will be shocked at the difference the right pillow can make.

If you’re not sure which type of stomach sleeper pillow to purchase, memory foam pillows are a great option. They conform to fit your own body’s unique, individual contours. Since the memory foam products have become more and more popular the last few years, the prices have declined drastically. What used to be a luxury item is now reasonably priced and affordable for the average person. This small investment could save you big dollars on things like doctor visits, pain medication, or chiropractic bills. Stomach sleeper pillows are available anywhere bedding is sold or can be purchased online.