Sleep deprivation and snoring

Constant daytime weariness is a sure sign that you are not getting enough sleep, and if you know you snore badly, then this could be the reason why. The problem with sleep deprivation, is that so many people have suffered from it for so long, they don actually realise they are deprived. Instead they plod on day after day not realising they are existing on probably only half the resources their body should have. In other words, they don't recognise they have a problem.

The problems you may suffer from if you are a bad snorer can include constantly being woken during the night by your partner (to stop you snoring), unfortunately this not only has the effect of in the end making you extremely angry, but also it prevents you falling into the deep restful sleep your body needs and craves.

Other problems may include a condition called sleep apnoea. This is potentially a very serious condition which causes the sufferer to stop breathing for several seconds at a time. Unfortunately it can become so serious that the heart will not resume beating after one episode, and the person will then die in their sleep.

Sleep apnoea also prevents the person achieving the natural sleep that is required to recharge their batteries, thus compounding the sleep deprivation problem they may have.

Sleep has been likened to money, the longer you go without a reasonable supply of it, the worse your situation will eventually become. Your snoring is keeping you from achieving an adequate nights rest, so the sleep deficit accumulates somewhat like interest does on a credit card. For instance you may not sleep very well on Monday night, but you don't feel too bad on the Tuesday, however by the time the weekend arrives, you will find the lack of sleep over the week has made you feel awful.

The problem with snoring is that running up this sleep debt takes a heavy toll on your body. For a start, you will find your body is not as effective as fighting off illnesses. You will probably notice you get twice as many colds etc as you normally do.

You will be unable to concentrate on anything; you will probably find your memory fails you at times. You may feel short tempered and edgy all the time. You lose patience with people, you may discover your co-ordination is suffering and you may even risk falling asleep whilst at work.

Frighteningly if you are driving or operating dangerous machinery whilst suffering from sleep deprivation, you could even find yourself involved in a serious accident or even killed or cause someone else's death. In fact, snoring is no laughing matter, it can become deadly.

So how are you going to sort your sleep deprivation problem? Well obviously if you know that snoring is at the root cause of your problem it's a good idea to tackle this. Take a look at your lifestyle, Do you drink too much alcohol, are you over weight (these are both classic triggers). If you can't sort out the problem alone, then you should consider going to see your doctor to see whether he can help you solve your problem.