Sleep apnea and snoring aids

Nowadays there are plenty of cures for snoring, some are very simple, other very complex and others quite odd, so let’s check out which are the most known. Have you ever tried them out? Did they really work for you?

One very-old trick and widely used trick for snorers was putting a ball in a sock to prevent you from sleeping on your back, but it doesn’t seem very comfortable, right?  Would your really feel weird with a ball attached to your neck? And, there is also the chance you may hit your bed partner with it! 

The CPAP sleep apnea machine or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure consists of an air blower you can place on your bedside table and a mask you wear over your nose all night long. The air blower a pushes controlled air draught right through your nostrils.

These devices have proven efficacy as home treatments of sleep apnea and snoring, but you have to wear them for a lifetime because the symptoms get back as soon as you switch off the CPAP machine.

There is also the fact that is kind of claustrophobic or choking for some sleepers you might feel overwhelmed by sleeping with a sleep apnea mask on their faces. The CPAP masks can also produce nasal, skin irritation, sore eyes and other disturbances, so many people have hard time getting used to CPAP’s. Besides, it totally kills passion…

Nasal strips are very simple over-the-counter method that helps overcome snoring and nasal congestion. They are adhesive bands to be stuck across your septum that raise the nose sides leaving to expand the nasal cavities to keep air getting in. 

However, some people are allergic to the adhesive material sued for nasal strips and there is also the problem of their price. Have you come up with how many breathe right strips you have to buy every month? Sum up that bill to your monthly budget, it is indeed very costly.

A sleep apnea dental appliance is a plastic mould measure made to be inserted in your mouth to prevent the soft palate striking on the throat or your tongue blocking the airways.

These sleep apnea devices have being found to be very effective to sleep apnea, but cause certain drawbacks as excessive drooling, mouth dryness and tooth discomfort, and it is not very comfortable either.

If you prefer something less complicated, anti-natural, expensive and anti-sexy, then the Sleep Better Pillow is the answer to your prayers.

The Sleep  Better Pillow is a revolutionary special pillow sleep apnea that has been changing the life of many people across the United States and abroad by providing them the desired relief for their sleeping problems.

Typical pillows…

-    Are not made to fight sleep disorders
-    They are not totally comfortable
-    Smash you face, arms, shoulders and neck.
-    Do not have ergonomic design
-    Make you get up with pain, stiffness, and numbness.
-    Make you change your position many times in one night.
-    Does not provide proper alignment
-    Make your neck suffer: Our cervical disks get crowded together and pushed forward, which contributes to the closing of our breathing airways.
-    Some materials make you sweat
-    They accumulate dust, debris, allergens, hair, etc. that cause you allergies
-    Are not hypoallergenic
-    Get easily deformed
-    Do not adapt to your sleeping position
-    Your head sinks
-    You have to buy a new one every so often
-    Need refilling
-    Are not easy to wash
-    Bad smell scares your partner away

What makes Better Sleep Pillow the best

Here we present you why this wonderful pillow is the best anti-sleep apnea and anti snoring pillow aid you can get:

-    The most comfortable way to fight sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia and other sleep problems.
-    Gives you total freedom in bed
-    Corrects your spinal posture
-    Makes you wake up totally refreshed
-    No more tossing and turning
-    Allows you to sleep in all night long
-    Works great in any sleeping position
-    Always keeps its original form
-    Gives complete physical relief
-    Absolute breathability
-    No sacrifice for back sleepers
-    100% hypoallergenic: Say good-bye to the allergens build-up.
-    Does not keep bad smell
-    Cost-benefit: Guaranteed one-time investment
-    Does not refilling
-    Long-term sleep apnea and snoring solution, and for other sleeping disorders
-    Looks great in your bed
-    Easy to wash and maintain
-    Your bed partner will love it

As you can see there are many reasons why you should dare to make the change and try a complete new sleeping experience. You will be greatly marvelled when you wake up after a complete and interrupted 8-hour sleep session with a much better physical and mental conditions and the big smile on your bed partner’s face.