Sleep Apnea Pillows

Many people report waking up after eight hours of sleep and still feeling tired. It’s a frustrating cycle. Why do some people sleep for sufficient time yet still emerge feeling drowsy or fatigued? A lot of it has to do with snoring and the fact that snoring is more than just an annoyance or irritant. It’s actually a serious medical problem that often can be helped by purchasing sleep apnea pillows.

Are you saying a pillow can actually stop me from snoring? In some cases, yes it can. I know it sounds impossible, but these sleep apnea pillows have truly made a difference for many patients over the years. Many other people have never heard of these pillows and therefore haven’t had an opportunity to reap the benefits.

It’s hard to understand how sleep apnea pillows work unless you understand what sleep apnea is. Since there are two types of snoring, you need to recognize if you are exhibiting primary snoring or truly suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Primary snoring is harmless. This is more of a regular, consistent patterned snoring and no cause for alarm. Still, sleep apnea pillows can reduce your snoring symptoms. The other type of snoring is the more serious type that is a characteristic of sleep apnea. If your partner reports that you snore loudly only to fall silent and finally end up wheezing, gasping, or snorting, there is a good chance that you suffer from sleep apnea and could benefit from sleep apnea pillows.

How do sleep apnea pillows work? They can actually reduce both types of snoring. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, sleep apnea pillows can help open your obstructed airway. What you’re experiencing when you snore is an interrupted pattern of breathing. This may last more than ten seconds and happen frequently throughout the night. You probably don’t remember it, but each time you have an apnea episode, your body shifts into a lower level of sleep. This explains why you wake up tired and groggy and remain that way all throughout the day.

Sleep apnea pillows often reduce snoring. Since they are made with elevated foam panels specially designed to position your head so that your breathing will flow smoothly and uninterrupted, it’s easy to see why they truly can help with your snoring problem.

Many snorers have never really tried sleep apnea pillows. It is often easier to walk into the pharmacy, grab a bottle of sleep medication, and pop a pill into your mouth. But did you know that over the counter sleep medications often worsen snoring symptoms? Wouldn’t it be better to find a product that actually delivered its intended results?

When purchasing sleep apnea pillows, it’s important to realize that this should not be a substitute for seeking medical attention. Sleep apnea is a disorder that should be properly diagnosed by your physician since it can, if left untreated, lead to some quite serious problems. Talk to your doctor and find out what kind of treatment is best for your own, individual needs.