My first experience with a memory foam pillow

As a back and neck stiff sufferer for months I started looking for practical solutions to ease the pain since I could not afford a chiropractic treatment. First of all, I started analyzing what was wrong with my back and neck. So I did a little auto analysis. Is it the bad sitting and sleeping position? Is it my chair office? Or is it my bed?

The result was a blend of all. So at the office, I changed my office chair fro an ergonomic one with arms rests and a comfortable back pillow for the long hours in front of the workstation and trying to stretch the legs walking around during coffee breaks and using the stairs instead of the elevator (that helps loosing some pounds, too).

So, the next problem to solve was the bed. I started checking my mattress; it was still tight after two years! Therefore the only thing left was the pillow. Indeed it was. Two big for my head, it seemed like a second mattress underneath my head. The difference of the level of my head and the rest of my spine was huge, this was stretching the upper disks of the spine that connect to the neck, causing big pain and stiffness when I woke up in the morning; and moreover, as side sleeper I leant all the weight of my head over my left or right forearm which provoked a stinging feeling and red marks too.

Checking online - since I have no much time to do shopping that for groceries only- I found out about the famous memory foam pillow. It seemed interesting and new for me, used for so long to a feather pillow, though was certainly soft and cosy was putting in risk my spinal health. So, I placed my order and I got it in three days. I placed it right over and next to my pillow to compare sizes, texture and beat absorption. While my head sunk to the bottom, my neck and back where at the normal bed level, with the foam pillow, my head, neck and back are at the same level, with a soft support under the curvature of my neck, allowing me to have a comfortable and relaxed sleep for eight hours long and stiff neck in the morning no more.

But, as with any new thing you use, it is in the run when you learn to right use and appreciate the quality of the product. So I recommend reading well the instructions and give it a try to the product, especially when it is something totally new like the memory foam pillow that turns sleeping into a totally new experience.