Is Your Pillow A Pain In The Neck

Most people don't know that pillows really need to be replaced every few years. They compress and get lumpy, and that's no way to sleep!

You may want to consider Tempur Pedic pillows- they're designed to deliver incredible comfort- and considered quiet the perfect pillow by many.

Tempur Pedic produces state-of-the-art pillows-and are used in most every major fine hotel and resort around the world, where the demand for the best is always in style.

If you've never tried a Tempurpedic pillow, the foam is so dense and supportive you won't believe it! It's no wonder why these pillows are so popular- afterall, this material was developed to provide the ultimate cushioning for US astronauts during liftoff.

If you've had trouble with neck pain because your pillow doesn't support you and align your spine that way it should, you probably have a hard time concentrating and focusing at work, which can be a real problem.

You'll find pillows that cost less than those from Tempur Pedic, but peaceful rest is worth the price, especially if you've been experiencing insomnia, an aching back or neck pain.

Tempur Pedic makes several designs of bed pillow to meet your needs.

Let's look at each one briefly. Then you'll have the facts at hand to choose the very best pillow for your needs.

The Tempur Pedic Swedish Neck Pillow is recommended for people who need a more therapeutic sleep posture to ensure a better night's sleep.

The design contains a dual lobe which supports and cradles the curve of the neck, head and shoulders perfectly.

This shape prevents undue pressure on the spine which often causes sleep problems like we mentioned before. You'll need to select the right size to ensure that your head is neither too high nor too low as this can stress the neck and actually inhibit breathing.

Size selections range from the Junior, measuring 15 X 10 X 2.5 inches up to the King Medium which measures 34 X 14 X 4 inches. You'll find just the right size pillow for you in this Tempur Pedic line.
The ComfortPillow is a more traditional pillow in appearance. It provides the comfort you want- along with the support you need and fits into your regular pillow cases.

This pillow is available in Standard, measuring 25 X 19 inches or Queen which measures 29 X 19 inches.

The Millennium Neck Pillow provides a curved edge that is lower in the center and higher on each side to keep the neck aligned properly whether you choose to sleep on your back or side. The tilted front edge cradles you upper vertebrae for the most comfort and support imaginable.
This pillow comes in medium, measuring 22 X 13 X 4.2/2.5 inches and Queen Medium which measures 26 X 13 X 4.5/25 inches.

The Classic Pillow can be an inexpensive solution to your pillow needs. It provides support and comfort while using the traditional pillow design. You'll enjoy the neck and head support you need and find that standard pillow cases fit just fine. It measures 22 X 15 X 4 inches.

Have you ever thought about trying a body pillow?
I used to have trouble with my legs getting sore at night because of my side sleeping position. But now I can just wrap my legs around that body pillow and all is well! Tempurpedic makes an awesome body pillow that will have you sleeping like a baby! It measures 36 X 14 inches, which should be long enough for about everyone.

If allergies or mites are a concern, you'll be very pleased to know that Tempur Pedic products are naturally treated to resist mites and household allergens. No CFCs or formaldehyde are used in these great products so you'll rest in comfort and get a good night's sleep!
Your next favorite pillow may really be Tempurpedic!

Patricia Bowlin informs and entertains you as you shop for home bedding! Find out everything you need to know about chosing the comforters, blankets, bed linen and pillows here now.