Dos and donts of snoring

Here we are going to point out the most common mistakes and bad habits that contribute to snoring problem. Which much of them are yours?

-    Sleeping on your back
-    Overweight
-    Doing tobacco
-    Doing alcohol
-    Taking sleeping medication and other type of drugs
-    Having heavy dinners and going right to bed.
At first, your physician is going to recommend changing these things and rather:
-    Sleeping on your side
-    Shred some pounds down doing a well-balanced diet according to your physical needs, age, body constitution, type of work, etc.
-    Gradually reduce your consumption of alcohol, especially three hours before bedtime.
-    Gradually reduce smoking cigarettes, especially three hours before bedtime.
-    Stop using over-the-counter sleeping pills and antihistamines
-    Diminish the amount of food you have at dinner, and preferably have it three hours before bedtime.
-    Increase your physical activity to reduce weight, but not at least three hours before bedtime.
-    Establish a sleeping schedule: A defined hour to sleep and a defined hour to get up.
-    Do not sleep with windows open
-    Dehumidify your bedroom to get rid or allergenic agents: dust mites, dander, mold, etc.

This may sound like a lot of changes, but if you start seriously considering all the aspects of the possibility of your snoring getting worse and the eventual complicated procedures (i.e. snoring surgery) you would have to tackle if you let this continue, then making a few arrangements to get snoring cure does not sound big deal after all, do they?