Arm Sleep Problems

Have you ever woken up in the morning to have a nagging tingling sensation in one of your body parts? Arm sleep problems are fairly common. They occur when a person wakes up and notices that one of their body parts feels numb and immobile. What’s going on? What causes Arm sleep?

Arm sleep, this strange tingling sensation isn’t uncommon, but it is uncomfortable. It’s frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night, roll over, and realize you can’t move one of your arms. The icky sensation gets stronger as your body part “wakes up”.

Arm sleep usually occurs after you’ve been sleeping on your arm for a long time. It is especially common in people who sleep on their sides or people who fold their arms behind their head and then fall asleep. Since your arm was squeezed so tightly for such a long time, the pressure makes it hard for your brain to send impulses. It as if your brain has temporarily lost communication with that body part.

During Arm sleep, arteries can also be squeezed tightly. This means no nutrients are making their way to those body cells. This makes the cells behave oddly. What does this mean for you? It means you experience unpleasant sensations like Arm sleep. This lapse in impulses causes your arm not to operate properly. The numbness, tingling, and odd sensation are your arm’s way of telling you that it’s a bit out of sorts.

Arm sleep all boils down to the issue of an interruption of transmission between your brain and your arm. Nerve cells may not properly be sending impulses. You may feel odd, but it really poses no danger unless circulation is cut off for a very long extended period of time. The feelings associated with Arm sleep are simply a good cue that it’s time to turn over and go to seep in another position.

When you experience arm sleep and your arm “wakes up”, you usually tingle first then feel a burning sensation before you revert to normal. This is because your nerve fibers are returning back to normal. Sometimes, it takes a little time.

One thing you can do to possibly ward off Arm sleep is to invest in a side sleeper pillow. If you sleep on your arm, you’re always going to be a candidate for Arm sleep. This is because when we sleep on our sides, our shoulders and arms always seem to get in the way. A side sleeper pillow compensates for your body parts, allowing for proper body alignment when you sleep. Memory foam side sleepers are among the most popular pillows on the market, conforming exactly to fit your body’s shape and sleep position. Since side sleeper pillows have become more and more popular lately, they are very reasonably priced and can be purchased at almost any retail store or via the internet. This small investment really can transform the way you sleep! You owe it to yourself to give the pillow a try.